When most companies need a new sign, they start by hiring a design firm. Once they’re satisfied with the design, they take it to a sign company to be manufactured. This common process causes frequent complications. Modern, high-quality signage requires complex engineering to ensure optimal visibility and longevity. Also, signage designs must comply with all proper safety codes, which can get confusing when working with more than one company.
Pro Signs’ in-house design and engineering team take care of the entire process to guarantee the most efficient and cost-effective designs possible. Backed by more than 75 years of experience in signage design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, we help ensure your signs are visible, understandable, attractive, and leave a positive impression.

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Conceptual Signage Design

Pro Signs’ in-house design team works with you directly to create a preliminary design for your signage project. Our experienced designers can offer recommendations around branding, logo usage, and sign placement to deliver a long-lasting sign that fits your precise needs and budget.

Structural Signage Design

Once we have a concept for your sign, our engineers transform it into a structural design to be manufactured from modern, durable materials. At this stage, sign designs include:

• Dimensions
• Size specifications
• Color specifications
• Material specifications
• Masonry details

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Sign Engineering

Pro Signs’ engineering team uses the latest technologies and techniques to bring your signage designs to life. We provide accurate, realistic previews before production to ensure that everything is exactly as you’ve envisioned. Before production begins, we communicate and address any potential technical or logistical complications and plan ahead to avoid unnecessary delays and expenses.
Manufactured with the latest industry software and hardware, your new signs are always precise and accurate to your vision. Special attention is given to key aspects of every sign, including:

• Lighting techniques
• Color and proportion accuracy
• Optimal placement in its surroundings
• Use of optimal, high-quality materials
• Compliance with all regulations

When you work with the Pro Signs team, you know the job is always done right the first time. Eliminate the risk of costly future fixes, reworks and redesigns, resizing, color adjustments, and other hassles.

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Pro Signs As Your Signage Partner

Pro Signs’ signage design and engineering team are ready to step in at any phase of the process. No matter your signage needs, we can seamlessly integrate as an extension of your internal branding team to deliver the perfect signs every time. Whether turning concept art into technical drawings or guiding the translation between branding and signage, our design staff has the knowledge, resources, and experience to present your brand according to your vision.

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