Refreshing a brand is a tricky thing to do. While it is important to modernize your brand to stay fresh and current, a wrong move in the rebranding process can confuse and deter loyal customers. Pro Signs has helped companies navigate this fine line for 70+ years, producing signage for corporate rebranding projects across the mid-Atlantic region and beyond through our national network of trusted partners. Our experienced designers and project managers will work with you from original concept to finished design, including with prototypes, to deliver a cost-effective signage and rebranding solution.

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What Is Corporate Rebranding?

Corporate rebranding is the process of changing elements of a brand. Changes can be as small as the font within a brand logo or as significant as adopting a completely new name and logo for the company. Rebranding occurs to modernize or pivot brands, achieve competitive differentiation in the marketplace, realign brands with new service offerings, or to accommodate Merger and Acquisition activity.

Pro Signs has experience producing signage for rebranding projects requiring small changes and major overhauls, knowing how important consistent signage across all locations is to brand awareness and customer loyalty. We have helped companies nationwide revitalize their brands without compromising brand loyalty, and we’re confident that we will satisfy your unique rebranding needs and specifications.

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Multi-Site Branding Capacity & Experience

Pro Signs specializes in multi-site rebranding projects for industries including petroleum and convenience, hospitals and healthcare, banking and financial services, and colleges and universities. Our experienced team will guide you through the multi-site branding process, considering signage changeover regulations, and using materials like interim vinyl signage to conceal new branding across locations until a specified reveal time. Some of our multi-site rebranding signage clients include Sunoco, WSFS, M&T, APlus, and 7-Eleven.

Custom Multi-Site Rebranding Signage

Every rebranding project is unique, especially when multiple sites are involved. Pro Signs provides a completely custom solution from design and engineering through installation and maintenance. We have the experience, equipment, technology, project management, and permitting skills needed to make your rebranding project as easy as possible. Contact us to speak with one of our representatives about your special requirements, and to learn about our custom solutions, including our professional color management system, large or grand-format printing, LED message centers, and more. Contact us about your corporate rebranding signage program needs.

Rebranding Signage Process

Our process for rebranding signage projects is efficient and meticulous—designed to fast-track your project while upholding budget, quality, and design. We will guide you through every stage of the rebranding signage process using our trusted and convenient in-house capabilities for manufacturing, printing, quality assurance, installation, service, and compliance.

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