First impressions are lasting impressions. The exterior business signage you choose for wayfinding or brand identification can have a strong impact on potential customers, encouraging them to take desired actions or deterring them altogether. Choosing high-quality, cost-effective exterior signage is one of the best decisions you can make for your brand. At Pro Signs, we have 75 years of experience, designing, manufacturing, and installing custom exterior signage to spec for the world’s most iconic brands.

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Monument Signs

Monument signs, or ground signs, are a great and standard way to identify your building and showcase your brand to drivers or walkers passing your property. Single or double-sided, and often incorporating illumination, monument signs can showcase one or multiple brands residing on the property, while providing your brand with a sense of professionalism and permanence.

Monument signs are often used by office complexes, retail centers and stores, country clubs, apartments and senior living centers, and churches and other places of worship, among other locations.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are outdoor signs, also known as pole signs or freestanding signs. They can be single or double-sided and feature illumination if needed. Unlike monument signs, pylon signs are ideal for reaching drivers on highways or interstates before they reach your exit or building complex.

Pylon signs are often used by mall management companies, large complexes, industrial centers, gas stations, food chains, big box stores, and other brands requiring outdoor retail signage.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs, or directional signage, are necessary for large locations where customers and visitors require assistance finding their way around campus. Pro Signs helps you determine your location’s wayfinding needs to make navigating your building or campus a user-friendly experience for visitors.

Wayfinding signs are commonly used by hospitals, universities, corporate campuses, senior living centers, and other expansive locations with numerous buildings, parking lots, and roadways.

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Channel Letters Signs

Channel letter signs are any combination of three-dimensional hollow letters, numbers, or characters that are put together to create a complete sign. These signs can be illuminated, and are ideal for companies with brand identities featuring unique colors, fonts, and sizes.

Channel letter signs are often found on retail storefronts, restaurants, and other public buildings.

Dimensional Letter Signs

Dimensional letter signs are similar to channel letter signs. However instead of hollow components, feature letters, numbers, or characters are manufactured from solid sheet metal or other materials. This three-dimensional signage option is effective for brands that need to standout in a given space.

Dimensional letter signs can also be found on retail storefronts, restaurants, and other public buildings.

High-Rise Signs

High-rise signs are upwards of 50 feet and can span 150 feet above ground. These highly visible signs are intended for audiences on highways or interstates, or featured on skyscrapers and other tall buildings. High-rise signs can be used for wayfinding and brand identification, and are made with channel letters or dimensional letters that are often illuminated.

High-rise signs, a Pro Signs specialty, are often found atop skyscrapers or tall buildings in cityscapes, or standing alone as pylon signs for wayfinding and building identification for gas stations, food chains, big box stores, and large complexes.

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Other Custom Business Signage

Pro Signs knows how nuanced custom business signage can be and the various codes, permits, licensing, and requirements involved to get exterior signage just right. Our custom business signage solutions are extensive—there’s no signage project too complex for our experienced team.

Our custom business signage solutions—down to the fit, design, lighting, and materials—go through meticulous prototyping, R&D, color-matching, and environmental testing. We combine out-of-the-box creativity and industry-leading products to deliver high-quality, durable, and consistent signage and branding solutions that have been used and trusted by the world’s most iconic brands since 1947.

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Exterior Signage Process

Pro Signs knows the urgent nature of most signage and branding projects, so we built our exterior business signage processes around it. No matter what stage your project is at, we can jump in with full-service or à la carte capabilities to meet or expedite timelines.

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